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LGBT Wedding Location Guide

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In modern day we have slowly redefined what it means to be in love. Long gone are the heteronormative views of the past, as we move into an age of equality and acceptance. When planning a gay wedding, therefore, you may want to avoid anything that reinforces these outdated gender beliefs and stereotypes.

Although some couples may choose to loosely plan their day based on structures set by straight weddings, some may choose to create their own ceremonies and new traditions. It is completely up to you! We’ve put together this quick guide to help those who want to navigate the easiest way to throw a great destination gay wedding.



Where can I get married?

LGBT rights are changing for the better. However, there are still some countries where homosexuality is considered illegal, or where same-sex couples cannot be issued a marriage licence. Ensure that you double check which locations these are in order to avoid disappointment when planning a destination wedding. Here are a few locations that we’ve found, and absolutely fallen in love with…

1.  Santorini, Greece

This gorgeous wedding off the coast of Santorini, against the red cliffs of Oia, is a bohemian inspired event. The stark contrast between the white of the bridal dresses and the deep red of the cliffs is striking. This is definitely a picture that is ready to be framed and placed center-stage on your mantelpiece.

Santorini Greece

Inspired by this stunning location, the Plated Sterling Silver Omega Ring by Greek jewelry brand My Bling would be a fantastic alternative to traditional wedding jewelry. Its edgy and geometric design is heavily influenced by the Greek letter Omega, and requires an equally edgy wedding theme and location.

plated sterling silver Omega Ring  Plated Sterling Silver omega ring

My Bling | Plated Sterling Silver Omega Ring | $80.00

2.  Paris, France

When we think of Paris, we think of the city of love and romance. What better place to tie the knot? Check out this elegant, minimalist and classic shoot outside the Louvre Museum.  


The Origami Jewellery collection is reminiscent of the Louvre’s architectural design, and depicts a similar minimalist and clean-cut style. The Sterling Silver and Pink Gold Plated Octagem Necklaces, for example, are androgynous pieces that feature a smooth, reflective surface. Consider wearing the same jewelry as your partner, and they can then be treasured for years to come.

sterling silver octagem necklace  sterling silver pink gold plated octagem necklace

Origami Jewellery | Sterling Silver Octagem Necklace (Left) | $200.00
Origami Jewellery | Sterling Silver Pink Gold Plated Octagem Necklace (Right) | $200.00

3.  Scotland, U.K.  

Weddings are a celebration of the love that two people share for one another. This is clearly visible in this breathtaking photography from a wedding shoot in the Isle of Skye. Raw emotion and love are perfectly conveyed, with an element of Scottish heritage thrown in.

Scotland, Isle of Skye

The Coalescence Dia Tri Gold Drop Earrings by Scotland-based designer Goldneilson would be a beautiful addition to this serene and beautiful wedding location. Inspired by the flowing of material and liquid, these contemporary earrings resonate with an outdoor style wedding.

Coalescence Dia Tri Gold drop earrings Coalescence Dia Tri Gold drop ear

Goldneilson | Coalescence Dia Tri Gold Drop Ear | $3,178.00


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