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Meet British jewelry designer: India Mahon

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India Mahon’s passion for jewelry was ignited at a young age. But it wasn’t until she lost someone close to her that she took the leap of faith and started her own brand. Hand-making all her jewelry in her UK workshop, India creates wonderfully vibrant designs scattered with colourful gemstones. Her pieces are ethical, feminine and perfect for adding color to your outfit. We chat with India to learn more about her brand.


How did your brand start?

“I lost someone very special to me and decided the time was right to start my own jewelry brand. Every day I am energised and inspired to grow my business and my brand. I LOVE my job!”


When did you first fall in love with jewelry?

“I’ve loved jewelry from early childhood. I am told from the age of 3, I would adorn myself with my grandmother’s pearls, wander the Yorkshire Dales with my grandfather, loaded with jewelry and at least one handbag!”


Who has guided you?

“A small number of talented people guide me. However, as a designer I am constantly drawn to the colors, shapes and fluidity of Tamy Tazi's amazing creations. I covet at least one of her amazing pieces.”



What are your core brand values?

“My core brand values are that my jewelry is hand-made in my UK workshop from ethically sourced materials.”


What inspires your designs?

“My design signature is a fusion of east meets west, vintage opulence, contemporary elegance, India-inspired design using vibrant colored, authentic gemstones set in precious metals. I draw my inspiration from gemstones or vintage textiles.”


How is your jewelry made?

“My jewelry is made at the bench by hand, in a traditional and sustainable manner. I personally source and choose every one of the gemstones that goes into making my jewelry, so I can be sure of the design and its ethical provenance.”



Do you use any specific techniques when making your jewelry?

“My jewelry is hand-made, setting unusual, and often unique, gemstones into substantial spectacle or rub-over settings.”


How do you source your materials and ensure your jewelry is ethical?

“I am very loyal to a small pool of talented suppliers who I know and trust. I work closely with a small close circle of trusted suppliers including gemstones, diamonds and Fairtrade gold.”


What’s the best part of your job?

“One of the greatest pleasures in my job is making custom jewelry for clients. Jewelry is so personal, I enjoy getting to know someone and for a brief moment being part of their life, spending time understanding their dreams, creating a special piece to hold precious memories of life and love.”



How do you want someone to feel when they wear your jewelry?

“Happy, confident, special, safe in the knowledge they are wearing ethically sourced jewelry.”


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