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Meet Hong Kong brand: Chekotin Jewellery

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Based in Hong Kong, Chekotin Jewellery was started in 2007 by Maria and Alexander Chekotin. Inspired by nature and a life full of travel, their flamboyant jewelry is exceptional in both quality and design. We chat to the couple about their fine jewelry collection.

Calling all dreamers and achievers, Chekotin Jewellery inspires you to embrace your creativity and inner strength. These are perfect pieces for the modern woman to wear on an everyday basis. Inject a little light into your life, and show the world how determined to succeed you are.



How did your brand begin?

“Chekotin Jewellery is the fruit of the creative union between spouses and designer-jewellers, Maria and Alexander Chekotin.”


When did you start Chekotin?

“A great and successful experience with jewelry, as well as the desire to share with the world our vision of beauty through the prism of jewelry art was the reason for creating our own brand in March 2007.”



What inspires your designs?

“Nature is our helpmate, to put it succinctly. Away from the city, we can express ourselves as designers. Our inspiration, as a matter of fact, is a life full of travel, an opportunity to paint en plein air, by the seaside.”


How do you source your metal and gemstones?

“We love stones in their natural forms most of all, such as cabochon or baroque pearls, which are endowed with real energy. In our work we use gold of different colors, paying more attention to natural combinations.”



How do you want someone to feel when they wear your jewelry?

“Our client is a woman, a purposeful, educated one who is somewhat a workaholic. But she can also be a loving one, she’s not afraid of dreaming, she listens and, what’s most important, she listens to herself.”




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