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'Mangles' is what GQ are calling them. And it's not bracelet it's 'wristwear'

With men increasingly buying more pieces, JewelStreet designers have plenty of bangles to choose from. If you just want a small bangle to put next to your watch to add a little something else, to quirkier ones for the more outgoing. Either way look no further than our website. The bangles are sturdy to ensure long wear, make one part of your everyday wear.

At fashion week, nearly every male model walking the runway will have a piece of jewelry with their outfit. This look is no longer reserved for celebs such as David Beckham, layering them up for a for dramatic look.


Even for men who keep it to one or two, bracelets offer a subtle hint at rebellion that can still be hidden under a jacket sleeve if need be.

Jewelry can be an instant hint towards your personality, leading to conversation starters. Slipping a bangle on is easy, adding a little bit of colour to your outfit is always a plus...making you more noticeable.

Ready to find the one for you? Look no further, here are a few of our fave men's bangles from our talented men’s jewelry designers. 


Sandstone Textured Bangle | Twig Bangle | 18kt Black Diamond Bracelet
Skinny Industrial Bangle  |  Royal Blue Galleon Silver And Leather Half Bangle


Signature Classic Bangle  |  Butterfly Hand Hammered Cuff  |  Twist N Flow Oval Bracelet


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