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Rhodolite Gemstone: 6 Top Jewellery Picks

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A purplish red variety of garnet, rhodolite garnet gets its name from the Greek word “rhodon” meaning rose-coloured, which refers to its rich pinkish hue. We’ve picked 6 of our favourite rhodolite gemstone jewellery; from a contemporary ring by NYC’s Madstone Design that can be worn across one or two fingers, to a dainty pendant from popular British brand Fiorelli Gold. 





Rhodolite Melting Ice Convertible Single/Double Ring

Madstone Design, New York City, USA

Taken from the Melting Ice collection, this convertible double finger ring is hinged so it can also be worn over just one finger. The innovative design is handcrafted from 18kt yellow gold and set with clusters of rhodolite gemstones, interspersed with subtle white diamonds.








18kt Rhodolite Garnet Charm Bracelet

Syna, New Jersey, USA

Part of Syna’s Chakra collection, this simple chain bracelet features a single round rhodolite gemstone. Handcrafted from 18kt yellow gold, the rhodolite garnet weighs in at 3.4 carats and the rich red colour compliments the classic gold chain perfectly.



18kt Rhodolite Garnet Charm Bracelet





9kt Rose Gold Rhodolite Garnet Pave Set Disc Necklace

Fiorelli Gold, London, UK

Featuring an orbital shape, and warm rose gold accent, this pretty necklace is a dainty way to add colour to any outfit. Rhodolite gemstone is believed to bring inspiration into the heart of the wearer, alongside being captivatingly beautiful; this necklace is going straight to the top of our wish list.



9kt Rose Gold Rhodolite Garnet Pave Set Disc Necklace




Palisade Ring

Jill Maurer, Raleigh, USA

Natural rhodolite garnets and diamonds give this unique statement ring from Jill Maurer a splash of colour and sparkle. Handcrafted from textured 18kt yellow gold, the ring is inspired by weathered bones of our ancient ancestors often found buried with precious treasures.



Palisade Ring




Silver Reverse Earrings

Xanthe Marina, London, UK

Xanthe Marina’s designs are focused around exquisite gemstones. Each sterling silver earring features one rose quartz and one rhodolite gemstone in a reversed pattern for a more unique and striking effect. An elegant pair of drop earrings from one of our favourite London-based jewellery designers.



Silver Reverse Earrings




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