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The Best Jewelry Looks At The 2019 Grammy Awards

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The 61st annual Grammy Awards was held in Los Angeles yesterday. It was an evening of lavish gowns, glorious sequins, and feathers galore. Not only did we get to honour and respect the musical accomplishments of artists and performers, we also got to admire and gawk at their glorious outfit ensembles. As always, some were rather questionable. However, we do love those who make a quirky fashion statement, or experiment with designs that seem to come from the left field *cough* Katy Perry *cough*.

You may have already admired the various clothing styles from the Grammys... but what about the jewelry? The red carpet was star-studded in more ways than one. Glorious chandelier earrings made an appearance, alongside dazzling diamonds, vintage pearls, statement chains and mismatched multiples.

Lady Gaga looked breathtaking in a custom made Celine gown, and if you said a star had been born yesterday evening, I would have believed you. Rumour has it that Gaga’s necklace was deemed an impossible feat to design and make. Modernity and Innovation were central themes on the night, which were translated through jewelry design and experimentation.

Women dominated the night, not only through fashion, but through the awards too... and we are LIVING for it. Take a look at the top jewelry looks from the Grammys, as seen on some of your favourite celebs of the moment.


Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa never ceases to stun with her style. Her look was edgy, contemporary and elegant all at the same time. Versace threw it back to Liz Hurley’s game changing safety pin dress with Dua’s look, which we first saw on the red carpet of Four Weddings And A Funeral in 1994. After winning the “Best New Artist” and “Best Dance Recording” awards, Dua posed for photos as a two-time Grammy award winning artist. Arguably, the Grammys is as big a night for fashion houses as it is for the Grammys, and there is no mistaking it here. The golden tonality within her jewelry complimented her award perfectly, and the safety pin design added dimension to what could have been a fairly minimalist dress cut.




Miguel attended the Grammys with his wife Nazanin Mandi, and both had an understated feel of sophistication and simplicity to their style. Miguel almost effortlessly strikes a pose, hand in pocket, silver watch and chain proudly on display. Nazanin opted for delicate silver earrings to match Miguel’s color hue, with her wedding ring shining bright. Miguel's chain is an ode to the popular rise of oversized chain jewelry that has arisen this past year. It shows that this trend still has momentum, and won’t be going anywhere soon. Although nominated for "Best Urban Contemporary Album" and "Best R&B Song", Miguel didn’t take home the award. But he did take home a suave and statemented jewelry collection that men all over the world will be researching tonight.



Bebe Rexha & Shawn Mendes

Bebe Rexha was a romantic and whimsical vision in red yesterday, and her gown was a head turner for sure. After a pretty tumultuous few weeks in preparation for the Grammys, Bebe did take to Instagram to voice her frustration that designers refused to work with her because of her size 8 frame. Who’s laughing now? Bebe looked and felt amazing in the dress, telling Seacrest that this was her “Cinderella moment”. She also spoke of the inspiration behind her music, in that she hates “being stuck in a box [...] I just want to make changes and make whatever I feel”. This is the same with her jewelry style. Bebe has never been afraid to accessorize outside of the box in the past. The plunge neckline of her Grammys dress allowed her to choose some statement jewelry to really draw the eye. Likewise, Shawn Mendes opted to undo a few buttons on his shirt to showcase his... silver pendant.


Cardi B

Okurrrrrr! Cardi B graced us with some vintage style this Grammys, in a look that even us in the fashion industry couldn't predict. I'm sure you'll agree that this was a fairly unpredictable outfit choice for the Bodak Yellow rapper, but we are loving it. Cardi was wearing a Thierry Mugler Couture piece from fall ‘95, which resembles a precious pearl cushioned in it's shell in the ocean. Therefore, it was quite fitting to pair this with a series of pearl jewelry accessories, including a stacked pearl necklace set. Cardi really did change the game by throwing it back to the nineties. It was a much simpler time, where pearls and diamonds really were a woman's best friend. This year, as apposed to previous years, the Grammys provided a platform for women to rise. Show your solidarity for equality in the fashion industry!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry rose to fame during a time when pink candyfloss clouds and cupcakes were the norm. Now, 9 years after her "California Gurls" video, Katy is serving us some strong baby pinks vibes once more. But what jewelry would you pair alongside her fluffy and structured pink gown handmade by Balmain? A highly textured and visually impactful dress like this requires an equally statemented pair of earrings. Katy has opted for a mismatched pair of diamond earrings, which really do stand out. They add a little asymmetry to what is a very structured look, and incorporate a little playfulness, something which Katy has always been known for.



Miley Cyrus

I'm sure we can all agree that Miley Cyrus has been on a fashion rollercoaster her whole life. From the wrecking ball wardrobe (or lack thereof), to the controversial foam finger engrained in our memories, to the nipple covers, unicorn vibes and multi-colored styles of the past. You were probably as shocked as I was when the newly married Cyrus turned up to the Grammys in a classic black suit. Sleek, sexy and sophisticated are words synonymous with this look. In true Miley style, however, a subtle twist was brought to the outfit through her chosen jewelry. More specifically, through her ear candy. Multiple earrings and cuffs have been stacked down the ear, all leading to a signature crystal-style drop. If you want to up your ear game and embrace a little Miley into your life, then remember to style your hair in a way that will show off your jewelry.



Images sourced from REX and Instagram


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