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The color of the moment: Orange

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How to style the color orange

Orange is THE color of the moment. It’s zesty and vibrant, and is the latest fashion squeeze. At the risk of looking like a traffic cone, you need to ensure that you’re styling your orange clothing properly. Think more along the lines of fashionista chic, and less roadwork weak.

Strength, ambition, personality. The color orange is  filled with energy and vitality. You can’t help but smile when you’re faced with a color that’s so cheerful. That’s why it’s been so strongly associated with SS19. Nothing makes you happy like the hotter months of the year. Walk with a spring in your step on the way to the summer of a lifetime with the freshest orange style.

Even the Pantone color of the year, Living Coral, has tones of orange within it. Color notation and color blocking should be hugely important in your day-to-day styling regime. Need a little help? Take a look at how the color resurfaced as this year’s trend on the catwalks, and see our top picks for the three major events you’ll be facing this fashion season.


How to style the color orange

How to style the color orange

 It’s hard for this spotlight color to go unnoticed. It’s punchy, and definitely makes an impact. Major fashion houses such as Stella McCartney, Fendi and House of Holland included this color as a focal point in their SS19 ready-to-wear fashion.

Never before has a runway look been so easy to recreate. You can channel this vibrancy in an affordable way, without sacrificing on the style. Notice that the orange runway is elevated by a number of statement accessories. When you’re wearing such a bright and bold block color, it’s good to break it up with jewelry, handbags and shades. The latter is probably needed more if you’re going for a neon orange.


How to style the color orange

How to style the color orange

You can incorporate orange into your style on the streets. If your clothing has structure, like a fitted suit jacket with a cinched waist, then opt for layered necklaces and strong bangles. If your style is less form fitting, however, go for big statemented accessories that add dimension and angular lines to an otherwise shapeless clothing piece.

Pastel colors are fading out for summer, and in their place come neon hues and blinding tones. If you open your jewelry box drawers right now, what colors do you see? If you open up your wardrobe, what is the predominant color? This year, set yourself the goal of changing it. Swap out a few of those minimalist silver jewelry pieces for a big and bold selection. Swap out those ancient pairs of black leggings for a color injection. You won’t regret it.

How to style the color orange

Going on holiday this year? You’ve most likely invested in a new orange clothing piece… but how do you style it? Gold jewelry is one of the most flattering pairings with this warmer color palette. Susan Driver creates mesmerizing pendants that will compliment any pop of color. Become the ultimate beach babe with the latest jewelry trend. SHELLS.

Best dressed at the beach? Check.

How to style the color orange

Like what you see? Check out Susan Driver’s boutique HERE.

How to style the color orange

Colors can have a direct impact on your motivational behavior. Orange is an active color, and is very enlightening. It will inspire you to think creatively, engage in meetings and it will inject a little vibrancy in to your work.

Emily Grace Jewelry create gorgeous pieces that are handmade out of resin. These Thunder earrings are called Thunder for a reason. They’re a force of nature, and have a powerful presence. You’re the boss when wearing these. Make an impact, and strike the office with new ideas and innovation.

How to style the color orange

Like what you see? Check out Emily Grace Jewellery’s boutique HERE.


How to style the color orange

There are so many shades of orange to style. SS19 will be dominated by the re-invention of the late rust color trend - now labelled as burnt orange. You’ll also notice the neon colors making their way into everyone’s night out attire. The aim? To make an impact wherever you go.

In the end, it’s not about what others think of your style. It’s about how your fashion makes you feel. Orange personality types are social butterflies. Be the extrovert of the group, and fill your style with confidence this summer.

Check out these gorgeous VOA influencers rocking their VOA jewelry alongside a red-toned orange style.

How to style the color orange

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Images sourced from JewelStreet & Pinterest.



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