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The significance of a safety pin

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There was a time when a safety pin was simply used to secure a nappy, a bandage or maybe a scarf. But not anymore.


In the wake of the US presidential election, many groups in the USA, including Muslims, Mexicans, African Americans and women, are feeling scared and uneasy about what comes next and so, the safety pin has come to symbolise something much more profound. Whilst some choose to protest in the streets and vent their rage, many are taking the subtle route of giving reassurance; by attaching a safety pin to their clothing. This subtle but clear message gives those that may feel alienated the clear message that ‘I’m safe to talk to’, to ensure solidarity with anyone who might be afraid.


But it’s not just simple safety pins that are being worn; the safety pin is quickly becoming a fashionable piece of jewellery. So, we’ve curated an edit of our bestselling pieces of safety pin jewellery. Our most popular safety pin piece of jewellery is a rose gold safety pin necklace by contemporary London brand, True Rocks. It’s part of their Safety Pins collection, which offers the iconic symbol in a range of sizes and metal finishes. Another London-based designer, Mara Hotung, has a unique collection of jewelled safety pins. She pairs feminine pink sapphires with 18kt rose gold, vivid green tsavorites with 18kt white gold and warm orange sapphires with 18kt yellow gold. Or if jewels aren’t your thing, she has the designs available in plain metal finishes. NYC brand, Emily and Ashley have a dainty safety pin charm necklace available in 18kt yellow gold.


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