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The Top Brands For Unisex Jewelry

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Gender-neutral fashion brand Toogood - Images sourced from Pinterest

Over the recent years, unisex jewelry has become more exclusive and prominent. The growing acceptance and visibility of people who identify as non-binary, androgynous and gender-neutral has come to the forefront and are widely seen and discussed in the 21st Century. This is a big step in the right direction of accepting all genders and sexualities and has opened the eyes of the public and mainstream media.

More and more fashion and jewelry brands are seeing the prominence of non-traditional gender roles in today’s day and age and they are taking full advantage of this new market. They’ve seen that this is not only a way to make a profit by developing unisex clothes and jewels, but they're also increasing inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry. Transgender and non-binary models are being seen more in fashion shoots and on runways, with androgynous model Rain Dove taking the internet and fashion industry by storm. There has also been an increase in unisex collections and gender-neutral brands, like Toogood, Rad Hourani and Agender.

Model Rain Dove

But what about jewelry? Jewelry is much more fluid than clothes - they can mean anything and can be worn by anyone. However, jewelry is worn more by women and the jewelry industry caters to this. A small percentage of men wear jewelry and other than a wedding band and a watch, men steer away from jewels. It isn’t hard to figure out why this might be. Today (March 2019), I Google searched ‘men’s jewelry’ and was greeted with ridiculous search options, including “do straight guys wear bracelets”, “can a man wear a necklace” and many more options asking whether it was okay for men to wear jewelry.

I think it goes without saying that anyone can wear jewelry - men, women, those who identify as neither, those who identify as both, and so on. Here at JewelStreet, we don’t believe in labels. We are free to be whoever we want and wear whatever we want. For unisex jewelry, look no further than these five brands, who specialize in striking gender-neutral jewelry for everyone.


Founded in 2016 by friends Macdara Duncan and Ele Frankpitt, PHIRA LONDON encourages and promotes equality and inclusivity in the jewelry industry and through their pieces. PHIRA LONDON specializes in unique, understated and timeless pieces, that can be enjoyed by both men and women. Based in London, the two friends researched extensively into jewelers that would work well with them and had a love for craftsmanship. Their jewelers and manufacturers have over one hundred years of combined experience and create pieces out of durable materials with sustainable production practices.

PHIRA LONDON create simple yet powerful accessories, made from 925 sterling silver, 18kt gold and a variety of gemstones. All of their pieces are hallmarked so when you buy from PHIRA, you know you’re getting something of high quality. Their rings are the highlights of the collections. Using simple materials, the rings feature a beautiful and edgy gemstone as the centerpiece and have a sleek and sophisticated finish.


PHIRA LONDON Holloway Silver Bracelet, Jamestown Green Bloodstone Gold Ring & De Beauvoir Two Gold Necklace | $318.00, $357.00 & $450.00



Based in Paris, AKILLIS creates high-end jewelry that exudes strength, confidence, courage and audacity. Made in workshops in Lyon, AKILLIS’ talented artisans use traditional jewelry making techniques to handcraft unique and perfect designs. Their designs have been worn by the likes of Katy Perry and Madonna. Their jewelry is crafted in 18 carat gold as well as incorporating other materials, like multi-colored gemstones, settling diamonds and rare gems, like the Paraiba tourmaline.

AKILLIS jewelry is stylish, sophisticated and high-end, perfect for both men and women to wear. Their Bang Bang and Puzzle collections are dazzling and strong, ranging from bracelets, necklaces, earrings and cufflinks. AKILLIS takes its name from the Greek hero Achilles, a strong warrior with a big reputation. AKILLIS channel Achilles’ power and run it through their pieces. Whoever wears their jewelry looks and feels strong and confident.


AKILLIS Puzzle White Gold Duo Bracelet With Black Diamond, Mini Bang Bang White Gold With Black Diamonds Pendant & 18kt White Gold Bang Bang Charms | $2,169.00, $1,924.00 & $1,577.00

Opes Robur

Opes Robur was founded in 2015 by friends, Jake Allen and Patrick McCann. Their belief and aim when making their jewelry is that simplicity is beautiful and should be showed off in a unique and luxurious way. Opes Robur creates pieces for stand-out individuals, in the hopes that they will help them stand out in the crowd and express their individuality.

Opes Robur have collections that ooze luxury and quality. They balance quirky and extravagant designs with classic simple designs, catering for both men and women. Their Cuff bracelets are cool, sleek and tailored to fit anyone. They make a bold statement and give a strong look, proving Jake and Patrick’s aim of the beauty of simplicity. 


Opes Robur Black Rhodium Plated Steel Screw Cuff Bracelet, Silver Plated Titanium Steel D2 Ring & Yellow Gold Plated Steel Omega Cuff Bracelet | $145.00, $54.00 & $119.00



Designer Lauren Shoff created L. SHOFF with an aim to make a conscious effort and change the way jewelry is made. L. SHOFF creates passionate and captivating jewelry, made out of 100% recycled, reclaimed and responsibly sourced materials, using quality processes and age-old techniques. Lauren believes in environmental and social responsibility, making sure every item L. SHOFF sells is eco-friendly, from the product to the packaging.

Inspired by simplicity and Baroque architecture, L. SHOFF creates beautiful earrings, cufflinks and rings, perfect for both men and women. Their pieces are modern takes on classic styles, with the use of colorful and unique gemstones and hammering and engraving techniques.


L. SHOFF Gold Bar Stud, White Gold Engraved Band & Silver Cushion Cufflinks | $205.00, $210.00 & $495.00

MIL Jewellery

Based in Portugal, Catarina Militão founded and launched MIL Jewellery in 2018. Catarina loves the design process of making jewelry, from the first sketch to the final product. Using sustainable and responsibly sourced materials, all of MIL Jewellery collections are handmade, using traditional and manual techniques. The collections are a combination of modern design and craftsmanship, expressed in simple and elegant lines, geometric shapes and minimalism.

Inspired by numerology, Catarina names all of her collections after numbers and gives each collection taglines. With taglines like “let it be magical, let it be sacred, let it be heaven” and “stay positive, be confident, let your dreams come true…”, MIL Jewellery is a positive and inspiring brand, hoping to motivate action and birth creative ideas in its wearers. The first collection ONE is simple, elegant and perfect for all types of jewelry wearers.


MIL Jewellery Silver ONE Necklace, Silver SEVEN Ring & Silver TWELVE Necklace | $155.00, $227.00 & $145.00



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