Discover the beauty of blossom...


Floral jewellery is delicate, beautiful and makes the wearer feel at one with nature and the magical season of Spring.

As the flowers begin to blossom and the weather starts to get warmer, wear floral jewellery to mark the occasion!

Pick from dainty daisies, blooming roses, falling leaves and whimsical acorns. Feel at one with nature, with the Flora Collection.

The My Little Perfume Ring by Nobahar Design comes in many different colours, inspired by the Persian Rose. The flower on the ring has blossomed to show each individual petal and is scented with rosewater for a delicate floral scent.
Limor Gefen creates jewellery collections filled with vibrant colours and striking shapes. These 14kt yellow gold drop earrings are crafted into a beautiful floral shape, adorned with a ruby, blue topaz, 8 diamonds, and pink tourmaline.

If you're an animal lover with a passion for quirky jewellery, the Fauna Collection is the one for you.

Springtime marks the blossoming of the flowers and the birth of new life. Celebrate the outside world and the animals in it with the Fauna Collection.

Choose from colourful butterflies, sneaky foxes, eerie bird skulls and buzzing bumblebees. Bond with the animals with fauna-inspired jewellery.
Auckland-designer Nicholas Hoogwerf made the Worker Bee Necklace, inspired by nature's beauty. Bees are so important to our environment, so show your love for them and wear a Worker Bee necklace.
Part of Roz Buehrlen's Swallows Collection, this necklace is influenced by the flight of the swallow bird. Complete with an open-design, the necklace is capped with two facing swallow birds at the close, making it a dainty yet statement piece. This necklace makes a meaningful gift as swallows symbolise happiness, good luck and family. 
Spring Colours

Spring is here! It's out with the dark drab tones of Winter and in with the pretty, bright pastels for Spring!

Embrace the beauty of blossom and introduce Spring Colours to your jewellery repertoire.

Choose from luxurious lavender, pale pinks, light greens and warm yellows. Brighten up your look with the Spring Colours Collection.

This one-of-a-kind Dendritic quartz gem has a delicate blush hue, perfect for the warmer months of Spring. With a frame of champagne diamonds and natural flower crystallisation, this ring has a subtle sparkle paired with soft pink tones for a feminine and blossom-inspired look. 
A green malachite stone is at the centre of the Mirror of Transcendence bracelet. Malachite is traditionally associated with soothing, healing and helping to reduce negative energy. The warming yellow gold can be likened to the Springtime sun and the green malachite, the growing grass.

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