Our approach to jewellery has always been sustainable when Aurum launched 20 years ago our ethos was to ensure that every touch point of the brand, from the factories to the materials to the packaging, is firmly grounded in ethical and sustainable practices. The brand name itself Aurum stands for Ambition, Understanding, Responsibility, Unity and Mindfulness. All our jewellery is crafted from recycled 925 sterling silver and 18kt gold. Our product packing is made from the paper taken from the bark of the mulberry tree which is completely renewable. The specially created packaging is modelled on Icelandic stones which designer Guðbjörg found on an Icelandic beach in West Iceland. Collecting the fibre from the tree does not interfere with the ecosystem as the tree does not need to be cut down. Only the shoots are cut and used while the tree continues growing. Aurum continually strives to reduce the company‘s carbon footprint in every aspect of its production. Aurum is also philanthropically inclined, we have several collections where the proceeds from which are donated directly to two Icelandic charities. We continue to pride ourselves on being brand that is forward looking. We are now using lab grown diamonds which perfectly fit our guilt-free jewellery philosophy and offer an ethical alternative to mined diamonds.
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