Mode by Taylor

It all started with one woman's journey and desire to level up. A desire to build outwardly the life that she imagined inwardly. And to create a wardrobe that reflected the strong new direction she was taking her life in. And out of that wardrobe came a brand, a brand aimed at women who are becoming strong and powerful, women who are levelling up, building the life of their dreams, manifesting all their strength and power, women on a journey to become everything they could be.

We aim to create clothing that is classic and timeless, clothing that is modest yet strong, clothing that is bold yet romantic. Clothing that celebrates and accentuates all the woman that you are becoming. And as we do this, we want to grow with you, by offering more than just clothing, but also content that is designed to enrich, empower and educate women who are really going on the journey of growth.

Juxtaposing elements of modesty with a bold high end aesthetic, this is a brand aimed at the woman who is on a journey to discover and be the best version of herself, the woman who need not shout her power because it shows and the woman who is learning herself, becoming herself and loving herself.

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