Beautiful jewelry using only sustainably-farmed pearls, nickel-free metals, 0.925 silver and unique custom designs in a range of natural colors to compliment every skin tone.

Inspired by the designer's need for metal free jewelry and desire for more design choices, Pearlicity was founded in 2017 in North Carolina, as a source for beautiful classic and contemporary pearl jewelry. Pearlicity only uses pearls that are responsibly and sustainably farmed and nickel free metals.

Pearlicity believes every woman should have a classic pearl necklace in her jewelry wardrobe. No man-made material matches the luster, gleam, weight and warmth of pearls. Pearls bring out the best in every skin tone – they can be worn just as well with a t-shirt or a little black dress.

Each of our pieces is custom-designed with more than just beauty in mind. Our pieces include hand-knotted strands to secure each pearl; clasps to compliment the piece and but also make it easy for the wearer to put on, even if you have long manicured nails or arthritis and nickel free metals – so you can wear these pieces with confidence.

We are happy to answer any questions about our jewelry. Please email us at info.pearlicity@gmail.com I hope you enjoy shopping at Pearlicity.

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