a cuckoo moment...

Well known for their fair trade animal-based leathers, a cuckoo moment... embodies high levels of quality within their jewellery. Founded by designer, Lia Fallschessel in 2005, a cuckoo moment... was established after studying the stingray whilst scuba diving in Honduras. Fascinated by its intricate detail and superior quality, Lia tried to find jewellery of this nature and couldn't, which then greeted the birth of a cuckoo moment... However, they are now at the forefront of non-endangered, animal-inspired jewellery, with an array of exotic leather materials to choose from including python, ostrich leg and crocodile. Crafted in Germany, Italy and Spain, Lia keeps her eye on the pulse, using fashion, art and luxury as a focal point of design. Their energetic pieces are on-trend, adding a definite flair to any outfit.

Renowned for: Their lively yet high quality, animal leather products with intricate detailing.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Using extraordinary designs and exotic materials, these eye opening pieces are sure to turn heads.

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