Agneta Bugyte

Humanity. Motion. Emotion. Nature. They are all sources of inspiration for jewellery designer Agneta Bugyte. She said: "My jewellery opens a door into another world, full of silence, and sounds from nature. It draws nature into your life. Unrefined, delicate pieces become your story, with nostalgic notes of an untouched world." Every single one of her pieces is different. No two are alike.

Renowned for: Smooth, beautifully finished silver and 18kt gold jewellery for those who appreciate comfort, quality, and individuality.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Agneta's work is detailed - her pieces are inspired by the natural textures wrought by earth and fire, and of lava and glass-smooth molten flows of metal. In her UK workshop, these inspirations are condensed, recreated, and made into unique jewels of exquisite beauty.

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  1. Sterling Silver Black & White Stud Earrings
    Special Price £90.00 Regular Price £150.00
  2. Silver Stem Earrings With Gold Grains
    Special Price £144.00 Regular Price £240.00
  3. Patinated Sterling Silver Pendant
    Special Price £150.00 Regular Price £250.00
  4. Polished Rod Earrings With Patinated Black Silver Stalks
    Special Price £168.00 Regular Price £280.00
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Items 1-36 of 51

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