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Alexander Jewell

"Alexander Jewell reflects 35 dedicated years of craftsmanship."

California-based artist Alexander Jewell has cultivated a love of design from an early age, studying the artisanal techniques of fine jewellery under European master jewellers. After a career spent crafting pieces for some of the most prestigious collections and designers including Henry Dunay and Nicholas Varney , Alexander launched his own brand, relocating from New York City to Ventura County in order to be closer to the nature that inspires him. As a conservationist and a lover of the great outdoors, Alexander channels these passions into his work, creating jewellery that captures nature’s beauty, delicacy and intricacy in 18kt eco-friendly gold and conflict-free gems.

Renowned for: Handcrafted exquisite, sensual and organic jewellery inspired by mother earth.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Alexander’s love of nature is evident throughout his collections, from the shapes that inspire his designs to the ethical sources he chooses for his materials.

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