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Anna Berezina

Based in Russia, Anna Berezina creates handmade jewellery using precious metals and natural coloured gemstones. Anna Berezina exhibits her brand in her store in Moscow, Svet Kamney. Anna loves the process of jewellery making - from the development of a sketch, to the selection of stones, to the finished product.

Renowned for: In 2019, Anna Berezina received an honorable mention for the Professional Design Excellence Award, at the MJSA Professional Vision Awards. The ring that received the honourable mention consisted of beautiful opal and chrome-diopside gemstones, recycled silver, gold and rhodium plated accents.

Handpicked for JewelStreet because: Alongside Anna’s permanent jewellery collection, Anna makes beautiful bespoke jewellery, tailored to customers’ needs and wants. Not a single product is the same as the last one, due to different colours and materials.

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