Kimberly Arpaia is a GIA Graduate Gemologist, Pearls Graduate, and Applied Jewelry Professional. She designs and fabricates custom, one of a kind, and very limited edition women's fine jewelry in her blissful private studio located in in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Kim's current focus is on bringing her most popular collections direct to consumer on JewelStreet at favorable designer-direct pricing.

Kim is devoted to creating sustainable business practices and employing low carbon footprint fabrication methods in her studio to protect the environment. All Arpaia® pieces are created with components that are ethically and responsibly sourced with care. 

Arpaia® designs are handcrafted treasures of high-quality craftsmanship, intended to be worn and adored. Feminine heirloom pieces that go from the casual every day to more memorable special occasions.  

Renowned for: High-quality feminine heirloom women's fine jewerly designs. Exceptional pearls of fine gem quality. Expert matching of pearl pairs, suites, and layouts. Fabricating jewelry with attention to detail, beauty, balance, drape, and comfortable wear.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Arpaia’s unique brand and devotion to sustainable business practices and jewelery-making methods, including ethically sourcing gemstones and using recycled materials.

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