The Serenity of Harmony White Gold Necklace


The Serenity of Harmony white gold plated sterling silver Dorje necklace is set with a beautiful purple amethyst.

This is a healing stone, long revered for its soothing properties and purifying presence. A talisman of inner calm you can wear every day.

About The Designer:

Silatha founder Veronica Vermeulen left her hectic career to spread the benefits of meditation. Her exquisite pieces are based around the Dorje, an ancient buddhist symbol of enlightenment, and are available in 10 sets - each with its own associated gemstone. The accompanying Silatha Meditation App will help you connect with your inner source of happiness and wellbeing.

About The Silatha Mediation App (see image): With each Silatha Dorje comes an invitation and access code for the accompanying Mediation App - download the app via your app store, you will receive your personal login details via email.

This app includes a series of 21 daily audio guided meditations, as well as silent meditations to extend the journey. After the first 21 days you can repeat the meditations as many times as you want to.

In week one of your journey you will learn the basics of meditation and simple breathing techniques to help you focus your mind. In weeks two and three, you will learn how to strengthen your meditation practice and start to transform yourself.

To find out more about the designer please visit Silatha - Fine Jewellery & Meditation .

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