9kt White Gold Oro Bianco Diamanti Ring


The 9kt White Gold Oro Bianco Diamanti Ring by RUBINIA GIOIELLI.

This beautiful handcrafted ring is part of the Filodamore Cupido collection, representing the sublimation of the bond that exists between people who truly love each other.

Amongst the characteristics that make the collection is the preciousness of intricate diamonds inserted into the twisted bands. The Filodamore Cupido bracelet is a unique piece which can be personalized to tell the story of the wearer and carry with them not just a piece of jewellery, but a part of their life.

About The Designer:

RUBINIA GIOIELLI’s stylish and unique handmade jewellery features distinctive colour combinations. They strive to create unique pieces for unique people, and are constantly searching for new materials to use in their innovative designs.

To find out more about the designer please, visit RUBINIA GIOIELLI.

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Designed and handcrafted for you by RUBINIA GIOIELLI
As this item is bespoke made to order by the designer it is unfortunately non-returnable
Estimated delivery date: Friday, 7 August 2020