Britta Ambauen Jewelry

Founded back in 2009 by jewellery maker and designer Britta Ambauen, Britta Ambauen Jewelry was inspired by her passion to create a jewellery line that connects the wearer with her intentions of cultivating a fulfilling life. 

Handcrafted by Britta in her Seattle based studio, Britta’s intricate and sophisticated jewellery designs draws inspiration from the strong women figures that she has in her life, art and nature, balancing simplicity, intricacy and delicate details. Britta Ambauen Jewelry encourages people to connect with their truest selves. 

Renowned for: Sophisticated and delicate jewellery designs that are handcrafted to empower folks by creating jewellery that serves as a reminder to honour themselves. 

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Britta Ambauen Jewelry founder Britta supports the SheJumps girls programming through fundraising.

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