Brothers Make

Brothers Matt and Jonny are the duo behind the YouTube Channel Brothers Make. Growing up the two of them spent a lot of time crafting together, and back in 2018, they started making projects together again as an excuse to spend more quality time with each other; which quickly developed into them setting up their shop and online channel.

All of the Brothers Make products are created using exclusively 100% recycled plastic that is donated to them by friends, families, and their local community.

By handcrafting their products with recycled materials, not only is Brothers Make helping do their part in reducing the demand for new virgin plastic but helping prevent roughly 300 million tonnes of plastic that would end up in our oceans. 

Renowned for: 100% recycled plastic home products and accessories.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Brothers Make are proud members of the Precious Plastic community and support the #2mintuebeachclean movement.

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