Cataleya London

Founded in 2013 by Reetu Rai and Gracey, Cataleya London creates designs in London and then works with a team in Italy, who source the leather and hardware and produce the designs in Sicily. The Cataleya is considered to be the queen of orchids and means 'graceful woman'. For the founders, it also represents boldness, femininity, strength and grace. They believe all women are queens and deserve great opportunities. Cataleya London creates elegant and beautifully crafted Italian leather handbags, with both form and function. Their designs are also inspired by the designers' belief in karma and love for circles. Cataleya London values traditional handbag making methods where craftsmanship is a key.

Renowned for: Ultra-feminine luxury leather handbags with form and function, handmade with heart in Sicily, Italy.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Cataleya London believes in the importance of helping to build a world where women do not live in poverty, are treated with dignity and respect and the importance of gender equality. They share these values with a non-profit organisation 'Dress for Success', which they support through donation drives and charity auction events.

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