Coolook is a jewellery design brand founded by Mar and based in Madrid. From a very young age, Mar was fascinated by fashion, art, painting and especially stones. Coolook creates unique handmade jewels made with natural stones. 

Coolook was born when Mar discovered the beauty and benefits of semi-precious stones and created her own collection. She wanted to bridge the gap between traditional jewellery and costume jewellery and wanted to use her passion for semi-precious stones to showcase a wide variety of colour and size they can offer.

At their stores in Madrid, Coolook showcases how these jewels are made. Each of the pieces in the collections is carved entirely by hand. This starts with a selection of natural stones that are carefully chosen to make their quality and colour the most interesting for each collection. Wax moulds are made to reproduce the original designs in three-dimensional form and then melt to give way to the definitive silver moulds. Once the silver structure is polished and golden, the carved stones are set one by one in each of the unique pieces for someone special to wear.

Renowned for: Unique jewellery with semi-precious stones, made in Madrid.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Coolook put thought and care into their designs, which showcase the beauty of natural stones.

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