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Delicacies Jewelry

The Delicacies brand has provided the first-ever full line of jewellery for epicureans and food lovers that gives back – a portion of every sale is given to hunger-related charities chosen by their notable chef partners. But how did the company get started? Following a bout of Dengue fever in Yucatán, Mexico, Nicole Larson had a vision in which she saw an elegant head of garlic upon a brightly shining leather bracelet fastened around her wrist.
With a passion for food, Nicole and her husband John set up Delicacies; it was envisioned as a food-based jewellery company with an eye for design. Their whimsical and quirky patterns come from the principle of connecting different cultures from the rituals of enjoying food with company. This communal entity is a huge inspiration for the brand to make ingredients into wearable keepsakes for memorable gatherings. Handcrafted in 14kt gold and accented with diamonds, the Delicacies brand offer iconic structures that can be paired with everyday apparel.

Renowned for: Delicacies are renowned for their food-based jewellery designs carved from 14kt gold.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Pushing the boundaries of iconic design, Delicacies feeds our inner eccentricity with pieces that can be worn day-to-day.

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