24kt Yellow Gold Plated Phoenix Feather Earrings


The 24kt Yellow Gold Plated Phoenix Feather Earrings by Soul2Seven.

These beautiful earrings are inspired by a phoenix, a mythical, legendary bird that resurrects itself from the flames. These earrings consist of a 24kt gold phoenix feather, that travels up the ear, best resembling a climber earring. The phoenix originated as a myth to explain the rising and setting of the sun. It later evolved into an emblem of resurrection. Life is an opportunity given to create something new each and every day. Keep yourself fresh as time flies by, with these earrings. Remember the phoenix and transform your creativity into magic.

About The Designer:

Turkish jewellery brand, Soul2Seven handcrafts their gold and silver jewellery in the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Power and beliefs are at the core of Soul2Seven’s brand identity. They are passionate about making a difference and spreading good energy to their customers, through their unique and symbolic jewellery.

To find out more about the designer, please visit Soul2Seven.

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Designed and handcrafted for you by Soul2Seven
As this item is bespoke made to order by the designer it is unfortunately non-returnable
Estimated delivery date: Tuesday, 11 August 2020