14kt White Gold 7ct Asscher Stud Earrings


The 14kt White Gold 7ct Asscher Stud Earrings by FANTASIA BY DESERIO.

These 14kt white gold Asscher stud earrings display a pair of 7ct Asscher cut cubic zirconia stones, for a timeless look to suit all styles and occasions. The earrings are also coated with a bright and durable rhodium layer, which helps guarantee a lasting shine and makes them ideal for everyday wear.

About The Designer:

Fantasia by DeSerio is a family-run jewellery company specializing in stunning designs crafted from precious metals and man-made stones. Established back in 1925 by Al DeSerio, the knowledge of classic jewellery making techniques and precise craftsmanship has been passed down to the current family members who work there today.

To find out more about the designer, please visit FANTASIA BY DESERIO.

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