Inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean landscape, sea and sky, Faystone Jewellery captures bold colour combinations within unique, contrasting jewellery designs. Using the hue of the night sky or the play of light when the sun sets, Faystone Jewellery encourages the seizing of a moment or the memory of a feeling encased within wearable memorabilia.

The brand incorporates multi-coloured gemstones in platinum plated sterling silver settings to create elegant designs that can be worn seamlessly from day through to night. Evoking the moment of stars and planets, the brand use gemstones that are sourced from all over the world; from calming hematite to vivid garnets to sparkling blue sapphires.

With a timeless finish, Faystone Jewellery is the staple brand that every woman needs in their jewellery box.

Renowned for: Faystone Jewellery is renowned for their timeless designs which are inspired by natural beauty.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Radiating class and elegance, the brand provides designs that can be paired with any given attire.

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  1. Aquarius Ring
    As low as £201.70
  2. Aquila Ring
    As low as £258.35
  3. Serpens Ring
    As low as £259.21
  4. Dorado Ring
    As low as £278.09
  5. Gemini Ring
    As low as £278.09
  6. Lyra Ring
    As low as £308.13
  7. Canis Ring
    As low as £315.85
  8. Virgo Ring
    As low as £315.85
  9. Corvus Ring
    As low as £334.74
  10. Eridanus Ring
    As low as £354.48
  11. Hydra Ring
    As low as £354.48
  12. Lynx Ring
    As low as £383.66
  13. Aries Ring
    As low as £391.38
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Items 1-36 of 47

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