14kt Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Topaz Lucid Bracelet


The 14kt Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Topaz Lucid Bracelet by Carolin Stone Jewelry.

Wearing this bracelet around your wrist serves as a reminder: You have dreams you are visualizing and manifesting in your life. The geometrical shapes illuminate the sparkling gemstones in diamond shapes. The 3 gemstones catch the light and bring your visions into it to shine. Wearing 3 gemstones will support you in your dreams.

Minimalistic design meets nature’s brilliance. This Carolin Stone limited edition collection celebrates the power of nature. Each piece consists of 3 gemstones. The number 3 symbolizes the whole concept of the beginning, middle and end. This means that everything is possible and reminds you to believe in your dreams. It is a symbol of growth and manifestation of your creative skills. 

About The Designer:

Founder of Carolin Stone Jewelry, Carolin Rossa combines the wisdom of nature with the fashion world through her gemstone jewellery. Carolin believes in the power and healing abilities of gemstones. She wants to support women on their journey of self-healing, through her jewellery.

To find out more about the designer, please visit Carolin Stone Jewelry.

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