Goa Solo Andata

Goa Solo Andata makes Jewelry, Bags and Clothing using old fabrics and authentic details from India.

We are Valeria and Riccardo Morigi, an Italian couple who have ralized their dream together...to merge the Italian style with Indian culture and philosophy, creating the Goa Solo Andata brand in 2005.

With ardous dedication we travelled and listened to the stories of the craftsmen and merchants of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Nagaland, the Rabari embroiderers of Kutch and Karnataka, and bought embroidered fabrics, tribal jewelry and ancient accessories.

We tiptoed into the Hindu temples and Buddhist places of prayer to find the balance necessary to continue.

With our flair of Italian taste to reinterpret the treasures found, original creations have come out that have met the approval of the customers from all over the world for years.

Our Studio is in Saligao (India), a small colonial centre of Portuguese Goa where our creations are born, with the collaboration of our women and boys to whom we give the opportunity to improve the quality of their life.

The name of Goa Solo Andata reminds us to our decision to buy a one-way air ticket to make sure that this trip was not yet another holiday, but the beginning of the adventure of our life.

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