Goldspindel - Christiane Bekk

Goldspindel - Christiane Bekk

Christiane Bekk's inspiration for her designs come from nature itself – she said: "I love floral designs as well as all round, soft, and well-defined shapes. Even the patterns of wind, sand, and water can inspire me." Under her brand, Goldspindel, Christiane produces handmade jewellery featuring select materials such as recycled gold and high-quality gemstones. These jewels have an enduring quality that brings lasting joy.

Renowned for: Individually crafted and unique feminine jewellery featuring sterling silver and fine gold.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Christiane's heartfelt wish is to create jewellery for women who dearly love their own femininity – her pieces quickly become favourites for whoever wears them.

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