Hazel NY

New York-based designer Hazel Kuffer got her inspiration for Hazel NY one windy afternoon, when she stepped out onto her porch and was captivated by the dramatic stormy sky. Wanting to become closer to nature, she grew intrigued by the mechanics and intricacies of jewellery design, drawing on the rich hues of diamonds and semi-precious stones to recreate the kaleidoscopic sky. Today, she crafts sculptural statement pieces that combine classical compositions with a little bit of edge, carving, casting and finishing each piece by hand. With her collection, she hopes to challenge the wearer to embrace the simple elegance of nature.

Renowned for: Fine contemporary jewellery inspired by the elements.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Hazel NY's collections perfectly capture the wild beauty of mother earth, transforming raw power into fashionable and wearable designs.

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