Helana McKenzie Jewellery Designs

Helana Mckenzie Jewellery Designs was founded in 2015, after years of passion, sketching and refinement. Helana grew up in Hong Kong, South Africa and Australia and found her passion for jewellery and design at an early age. She was often found admiring her mother’s jewellery collection and became deeply inspired by the exotic yet modern designs that she was surrounded by, during her eclectic upbringing. After a career in graphic design, she realised that her creative energy kept drawing her back to jewellery. Following a meditation retreat in Thailand, Helana took the leap and created her own jewellery brand.

Renowned for: Helana became captivated by the designs that came to her during meditation processes. The result is timeless Art Deco-inspired gold and silver jewellery. Handpicked by

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Helana is on a mission to create aspirational and attainable pieces that women feel a connection to, all while ensuring high quality and strong craftsmanship.

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  1. Black Signet Ring
    As low as £154.00
  2. Lina Arrow Ring
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  3. Rams Head Bracelet
    As low as £145.00
  4. Twin Head Ring
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