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Isa Bagnoli

Isa Bagnoli was born from a passion for accessories in the world of jewellery. Established by Isabella Bagnoli in Portugal, the brand seeks to enrich a romantic aesthetic with a poignant personality in each design, seamlessly transcending from day through to evening. Each piece by Isa Bagnoli is handcrafted with love from the designer and artisan.

Inspired by nature, art and formations of gemstones, Isa Bagnoli plays with multiple gemstone cuts such as brilliant, navette and triangle to create an opulent diversity only found within their pieces. Boasting of delicate and feminine structures, the brand use only rich colours in their works to exude a striking facade that is unrivalled. Stack these designs for a unique fashion choice or wear singularly for a classic look.

Renowned for: Isa Bagnoli is renowned for their unique cuts of gemstones.

Handpicked by Jewelstreet because: Experimenting with the vibrancy in each stone, Isa Bagnoli presents keepsakes that can be worn effortlessly from day through to night.

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