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Jaime Moreno Designer Jewelry

Jaime started his career as an engineer, but later became enamoured with carving wood, and this led him to express his innate creativity through pieces of jewellery. He believes that the concept of beauty is borne out of nature and everything that surrounds us. His brand, Jaime Moreno Designer Jewelry, is directed towards cultured women who desire to express their own individual personality through exclusive pieces which are entirely outside the mainstream. He said: “My jewellery pieces add visual poetry and colour, and have been created for the pure pleasure of aesthetic beauty.

Renowned for: High-end and innovative jewellery that is accessible, easy-to-wear, and unique.

Handpicked by JewelStreet becauseJaime improves upon conventional design styles by adding a touch of differentiation and originality. He strives to construct works of art which his customers can become emotionally attached to.

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