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Julez Bryant

Julez discovered the world of jewellery as the result of friendship, tragedy and chance. The first piece of jewellery she made was a necklace featuring a selection of crystals, including a charm that had been gifted to her by a friend shortly before she passed away. When a boutique owner spotted the necklace, he asked to see more of Julez’s work; she returned home, and created new designs from her grandmother’s collection of costume jewellery. And so Julez Bryant was born. Today, Julez sources inspiration from the world around her; from the majestic beauty of a mountain range to gritty, urban landscapes. The limitless possibilities of fine jewellery design continue to fuel her passion: “If you can dream it, you can create it. I was spellbound by the myriad of ways that the same materials could be interpreted by different designers with breath-taking results.” 

Renowned for:  Pioneering jewellery making techniques that encapsulate the presence of beauty in a challenging world.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because:  Julez doesn’t just make jewellery of entrancing beauty, but uses her considerable talent to support women suffering from breast cancer.

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