Kostadinos Jewellery

Kostadinos Jewellery is based in London and produces work in recycled silver and recycled gold with environmentally friendly processes, where possible. Kostadinos was born and raised in the historical city of Ioannina in northwest Greece. Only thirty minutes from the city is Europe’s deepest gorge and signifier of nature’s energy. The rich cultural and historical heritage of the city and the long Greek history with its myths and legends have influenced a propensity to the mysterious and mythical that is expressed in the work.

Kostadinos Jewellery pieces have a raw feel and are highly textured with organic shapes to celebrate nature and earth's architecture both around us and under the sea. The work is tactile present and solidly individual. Collections and one-off pieces are fabricated with traditional jewellery-making techniques with a heavy focus on texture and form. Where appropriate gems, uncut where possible, and pearls are used to accent shapes and evoke the organic and natural.

Renowned for: Unique organic nature-inspired jewellery.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Kostadinos Jewellery designs and creates beautiful, artistic and individual jewellery pieces.

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