Exclusive handmade jewelry located and manufactured in the heart of the worldwide diamond industry – Antwerp.

KRVMER's values dictate that the first and main priority is to be a credible sustainable company. Driven by perfection, each piece is manufactured and sold with respect for the highest quality standards.

This brand was founded in the belief that each person has a natural desire to shine, to feel special, to feel unique. Wearing KRVMER jewellery should be an exquisite pleasure enforcing that natural desire to feel unique and special; it should be the perfect addition to your own identity. There is more to the subjective view of what peoples eyes alone can catch.

Renowned for: Exquisite and unique jewellery that fuses with the wearer's individual identity.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Gems and diamonds reveal the earth's purest form of beauty, and KRVMER translate this beauty into unique jewellery that acknowledges the complexity and diversity of each person.

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