Telkari Laser Segment Narrow Ring


Taking inspiration from existing objects and geometric forms, Rias wire-based works is modelled on highly complex traditional filigree pieces. It is through this exploration that we are able to see the Telkari Laser segment range. The Telkari Laser segment range is a collection that has taken a different approach to Ria's design work, making a move to a more contemporary style. Focusing on form and shape with the panels offering a glimpse other original design concepts using the wire patterns.

Rias jewellery is carefully crafted from high-grade materials and modern design technologies, culminating in superbly functional and stunning pieces which is highly sought after. Made from sterling silver the wide ring has a stylish edge, using a matt finish and gold vermeil to exaggerate the patterns.

The wide ring focuses on a half and half approach allowing the ring to work on a design concept of plain and patterned surfaces. A delight to wear the sterling silver ring has been designed to take on a modern approach to filigree, offering the durability for everyday life.

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