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Lattis Design by Gina Pankowski

Gina is enchanted by the smaller elements that make up the beauty of the whole. Her love of art started at a young age, expanding as she explored different shapes within the world around her. She discovered her love of three-dimensional pieces and, most importantly, the way in which structures interact with each other to form shapes and movement. At the age of 17, a serious accident left her immobilised and sealed her fascination with component pieces: “My body was stitched, stapled, pinned, wired, and screwed together. As I healed, pieces of the hardware were removed. I used these parts to create my first jewellery designs. I’m still exploring movement and the intricate architecture of the human body through my work.”

Renowned for: tactile, sculptural pieces of wearable art designed to interact and become one with the wearer.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because:  Each piece possesses an ethereal quality, drawing you in and springing to life when worn. 

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