Laura Micheli

Laura Micheli is a jewellery brand based in Zurich and produced in Italy, which explores the union of beauty and emotions through craftsmanship.

The fascination for the unexpected and organic architecture of Nature is translated into unique crafted pieces of contemporary design and jewelry.

The use of high quality materials and craftsmanship, alongside the handmade production in Italy or by Laura in Zurich, are the core values of the brand.

The realization of bespoke and exclusive pieces, designed in direct contact with the customers is also a central part Laura's work, and probably the most loved one. 

Since 2018 Laura has founded her own jewelry design brand and architectural studio Laura Micheli.

"My education in architecture has driven my interest towards every form and scale of art and design. I like to think of my pieces as intimate and emotional. I often use archaic and organic forms, often inspired by nature and my training as architect leads my eyes and hands in the sense of proportion and composition, in the role of light, in the functional research."

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