Lucy and Penny

"Every piece of Lucy and Penny jewellery is designed specifically for health and healing."

Lucy and Penny

Designer Kimberly Rowe grew up collecting crystals and strange stones in the California hills, teaching herself the special healing and nurturing powers of gems. After realising that these skills were much needed in the modern world, she got to work creating a collection of jewellery and charms that look stunning while imbuing the wearer with all the benefits of carefully selected stones. Today, her pieces aim to help with everything from building confidence to encouraging love and finding inner peace. From chunky gemstone bracelets to strings of beautiful coloured beads and delicate pendants of quartz and turquoise, Lucy and Penny make healing jewellery for the modern woman.

Renowned for: Beautiful, unique necklaces and bracelets that harness the powers of natural gems.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Lucy and Penny's pieces aren't just about looking great – their special powers are believed by many to improve both physical and mental health.

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