MANIA Jewels

MANIA Jewels is a luxury jewellery brand based in Finland and run by designer, Niina Karlsson. Niina creates innovative pieces, imbued with her obsession with old Hollywood glamour, nature and geometry. 

By choosing MANIA Jewels jewellery you´ll make an eco-conscious choice. They only use sustainably manufactured gemstones from a certified manufacturer that respects the environment and their workers by paying their craftsmen far above market price while treating diverse local cultures with respect. They are also offering their workers’ comprehensive health coverage, safe working conditions and even a free lunch.

MANIA’s supplier respects nature by protecting nearby water sources from sediment and debris as well as pollutants. They strive to leave the earth as untouched as possible to reduce the impact on local wildlife habitats. After the mining process is complete they restore and replant with native trees. 

All of their other materials come from reliable European suppliers and sources. Crystals and crystal pearls are supplied by respectable Swarovski and are lead-free from 2012. Sterling Silver, Bronze, Brass, Gold and Copper wires come from respectable suppliers from the United Kingdom and wires are made in the UK. Every MANIA Jewels item is designed and meticulously hand made in a workshop in their own premises in Finland.

Products, as well as jewellery boxes, are disinfected before they are packed for customers and for shipping due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Renowned for: Creating high quality handcrafted sustainable fashion jewellery.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Niina's bold pieces always have an injection of Scandinavian style. MANIA Jewels is made to make a statement and is the perfect choice when adding striking elegance to any outfit.

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