Mara Hotung

Trained gemmologist Mara developed her fascination for stones 20 years ago when her mother presented her with 16 marquise-cut diamonds, from which Mara designed a pair of cluster earrings for her mother. Mara would often take her mother's old jewellery, remaking it into contemporary classics. As friends and acquaintances became aware of Mara's skill, her obsession turned into a professional passion. Today, Mara designs pieces that are above fashion: "I like designs that are classic and timeless. I want my creations to be remembered not only for unusual stones or colour combinations but also their simple designs and dual function."

Renowned for: Her stunning eye for quality and design, honed whilst working for prestigious houses such as Sotheby's and Van Cleef and Arples.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Featuring striking gemstones, Mara's one-off designs radiate passion and timeless elegance.

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