Allumette Neon Bell Necklace - Neon Green


The Allumette Neon Bell Necklace by Allumer.

This neon green bell necklace is one that you’ll be heard in, as well as seen in. Clashing colours collide with the introduction of tiny bells in this stylish and colourful necklace. With so many variations to pick from, choose your bell and chain colour and create your own unique combination. The colours allow the chains to be stackable and stylish, perfect for all occasions. The chain is approximately 50cm long, but can be altered and worn as a bracelet by wrapping around the wrist. 

About The Designer:

Allumer is a London-based, award-winning jewellery brand. Natasha Leith-Smith, it’s founder and lead designer, draws inspiration from friendship, love, and light. Allumer means ‘to light up’ in French, and with their bright and colourful collections, they’ll bring light and sparkle into your life.

To find out more about the designer please visit Allumer.

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Designed and handcrafted for you by Allumer
As this item is bespoke made to order by the designer it is unfortunately non-returnable
Estimated delivery date: Wednesday, 12 August 2020