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Michael John Jewelry

Brothers Michael and John each pursued their own careers before joining together in 2005 to form Michael John Jewelry. Their motto is simple: to exceed expectations in their creation of high-end couture jewellery. The pair work together in perfect partnership; Michael sketches each piece and John uses his perfectionism to reproduce it faithfully and flawlessly using a range of modern and cutting edge technologies. "We are proud of the quality, creativity and attention to detail in each of our creations."

Renowned for: Award-winning designs coveted by people of exquisite taste and style, including Charlize Theron, Anne Heche, Ryan Newman and loyal follower J-Lo.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Michael and John’s designs fulfil their motto, exceeding the realms of jewellery to create flawless works of art, sure to be cherished for generations.

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