Murano Dream by Claudia Fischer

Based in Germany, Claudia Fischer specialises in delicate and colourful jewellery, using Murano glass. At an early age, Claudia visited Italy and became transfixed by the beautiful craftsmanship and colours of Murano glass. When Claudia decided to pursue a career in jewellery design, she knew she had to use Murano glass. Murano Dream by Claudia Fischer is inspired by the beauty of Mother Nature, her homeland and other countries, with a particular passion and focus on different light and luminosity.

Renowned for: Creating colourful and charismatic jewellery using centuries-old techniques and craftsmanship, celebrating the island of Murano.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Claudia creates made to order pieces that are unique and timeless. Her jewellery is durable and will never lose its shine, colour or luminosity.

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