Nicole Barr

Nicole Barr specialises in the rare art form of fired-glass enamelling upon 18kt gold and sterling silver, set with diamonds and gemstones. Their delicate nature-based designs showcase difficult enamelling techniques like plique-a-jour, allowing light to shine through the iridescent wings of their nature based pieces, to produce a truly collectible range of stunning jewellery and cufflinks. Each piece is hand enamelled in the tradition of master jewellers like René Lalique and Fabergé and set with the finest diamonds, pearls and gemstones. Nicole Barr's brooch collection is unique, exploring the intricacies of design and breaking the boundaries of jewellery making. Additionally, Nicole Barr's use of flower motifs craft striking bridal collections, which retain a tasteful elegance even after the big day.

Renowned for: Colourful fired-glass enamelling with diamonds on 18kt gold and sterling silver jewellery.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: From sketch to creation, each Nicole Barr piece is lovingly crafted with a high attention to detail and delicately laced with precious gemstones.

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