Posh Totty Designs

Apologies, but I am self-isolating and unable to get to my studio to make jewellery, so whilst I would very much appreciate your purchase during these unprecedented times, please bear in mind any orders may have a very prolonged delivery time of up to 3 months, or more.

Alice River-Cripps was fresh out of university with her whole life ahead of her before she decided to travel across the United States.

After embracing her free-spirited existence, with just a yoga mat for a bed and the stars as a ceiling, she found her vocation working for a local Mayan jewellers to pay for her flight home. There, Alice discovered her untapped skills in jewellery making which she utilised in her home back in England.

Incorporating hand stamped messages into silver jewellery, the notion that each piece could be unique and personal spurred Alice to embrace her own brand and so established Posh Totty Designs in 2004.

This eponymous brand focuses on three core elements of personalisation; honesty, empowerment and positivity. Affordable and whimsical, Posh Totty Designs' evoke powerful emotions and connections, coupled with pieces that are beautiful and timeless to the owner. From engraved discs to engraved moons, Posh Totty Designs' are perfect as a gift for a loved one.

Renowned for: Renowned for their personalised touch, Posh Totty Designs incorporate engraved powerful messages into stylish designs.

Handpicked by JewelStreet because: Unlike many fleeting fashion crazes, Posh Totty Designs remain timeless with meaning.

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