Rebecca Thickbroom

Rebecca designs and creates exclusive and distinctive yet timeless wearable art and soon will be launching her framed art collection. Rebecca uses clay and alternative materials and own textures influenced by all things coastal (thanks to growing up by the beach in Oz), native and tribal. Her travels and love of worldwide cultural heritage and identity is always at play.

Truly one of a kind statement pieces, provoking intrigue, freedom and empowerment with her use of bold and colourful components. Each design is created with purpose and passion!

Rebecca's creative process is organic and she can be found in her London based studio often working on many series and collections at once.

Rebecca creates each sculptured component by hand. Carving, sanding and painting each element to form unique surface patterns and shapes.

A design may take days or weeks to come to life as she plays with combinations, moving elements around, playing with the layout and at times she must head back to the drawing board to perfect the connection. Colour, design and touch is key!

Her jewellery is surprisingly lightweight, despite the bold striking look.

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